Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen Cupboards

We manufacture a wide variety of kitchen cupboard finishes and we are geared and able to provide you with a comprehensive quotation during our first initial consultation.

These include:

  • High Gloss Doors & Boards
  • Wrap Doors & Boards
  • Melamine Doors & Boards

To create a kitchen that meets your needs, the design should include a well-planned layout styled to reflect your personality and taste. Modern Granite Designs have the designs and products which will place your kitchen on par with the modern varieties but with stunning beauty and dazzling style. We manufacture products that stay ahead of the curve in features and design, yet offer incredible value for money.

High Gloss Doors & Boards

Acrylic and PVC materials are used to make a thick, durable finish on top of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). The colour range includes plain colours as well as metallics. Acrylic does not deteriorate over time. It retains all its original brightness and colour. It also withstands prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light and moisture.

A High Gloss Wrap door is made with an MDF core or centre which has been cut and profiled. A foil is then heat pressed and glued onto the door using a vacuum technique. High gloss wrap doors have become so popular, capturing the market. A very durable product, they are exclusively used to create a modern look as they are contemporary and elegant but what’s best is they are easy to keep clean.

Acrylic doors are often the designer's choice because they come in a stylish range of high gloss solid colour, metallic and wood grain finishes. They cost substantially more than Wrap doors, though, so when you're choosing between High Gloss Wrap and Acrylic kitchen doors, do keep your budget in mind.

Advantages & Features

Acrylic Gloss kitchens can be easily and successfully blended with other colours and materials, including wood, stone and stainless steel.

As light hits the surface of an Acrylic Gloss kitchen door it will be reflected back across the room. Reflected light will frequently make a space feel light and bright for an inviting and uplifting kitchen atmosphere. At the same time light reflected off a gloss kitchen door can also make a room feel more spacious. This latter occurrence is of particular note for small kitchen designs where space maximising is an essential part of the planning process. Acrylic doors are UV light and moisture resistant.


Having the ultimate acrylic gloss finish comes at a price. Although they’re cheaper than glass kitchens, acrylic gloss kitchens are more expensive than both lacquered gloss & foil wrapped gloss kitchens.


While practically all gloss surfaces can scratch, light scratches can be buffed out by using Rally (acrylic enriched) car polish. Acrylic kitchens can be wiped clean with only a damp cloth.

All of our acrylic kitchen (and bedroom) doors and accessories are made to the highest standard using the most up to date CNC technology and manufacturing processes. We can offer you an unrivalled choice of styles and designs, the only limitation being your imagination!

Wrap Doors & Boards

Wrap doors are high quality doors manufactured from medium density fibre board (MDF or commonly known as Supawood), vacuum bonded with PVC foil in various colours and textures. This provides a continuous, impervious coating that is hygienic, long lasting and easy to clean. The MDF panel has been cut, routed and profiled as desired and provides a door for everyone’s taste.

Advantages & Features

A wrap door can be designed to a number of profiles, from simple flat doors to doors with more traditional routed patterns. The foil comes in a large range of colours including solid and wood grain colours and the finish can be smooth, textured or even gloss.


Excessive heat can melt the glue that fused the foil to the MDF and cause it to peel off. Heat can also cause surface blistering and discoloration.


The proper care for upper cabinet wrapped doors is to always be mindful of various heat sources. Don’t put deep fryers, toaster ovens or large coffee pots directly underneath your kitchen cabinet upper doors.

It can be difficult to match colours for a replacement door. Sometimes there's a shade difference in foil colours manufactured within a year of each other.

Melamine Doors & Boards

Melamine is particleboard, laminated with a decorative thermally fused paper/resin coating under heat and pressure. This is done within a very short time, 14-20 seconds and is very critical as the resin has to pass from the paper to the board, before it cures. This provides a durable, scratch, moisture and discoloration resistant surface.

Melamine is suitable for medium-duty vertical and horizontal applications, such as door and drawer frontals, carcasses, furniture components and shelving, as well as interior wall cladding and building elements. Since there is such a wide variety of colours and textures available for melamine boards, the product can be used to make any kind of furniture e.g. bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and other furniture.

Advantages & Features

Melamine boards can be finished looking like authentic wood and are available in a variety of colours and textures. Unlike solid wood that can vary in grain patterns and colour, even within the same order, melamine offers a consistent finish since it is manufactured in a controlled setting, it offers a very high scratch and stain resistant surface.


The edges of particleboard is more vulnerable to damage and moisture, therefore PVC edging should be specified for heavy-use areas.


The surfaces are very easy to maintain and clean, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth with non-abrasive liquid soap.

Melamine is a modern product that is cost effective and there is a variety of choices, you can find the perfect match for your cupboards and kitchen's style. It is also one of the most durable products to use in cabinetry, offering a modern straight clean lined European styled kitchen.